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Healthy Habit Reset

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It's in the journey where change happens. We are usually so fixated on the end result that we forget to embrace, learn from and enjoy the steps and journey that takes us places. Let's step back, see the big picture and then learn the steps to move forward...embracing 1 day and 1 habit at a time.

Once you commit, focus and become disciplined on the path, will you experience positive changes. New habits are established...but only with consistency and discipline. Lets begin to focus on the habits that make us healthy, rather than the end result of weight loss, fad diets, or workout routines that never stick.

Join us as we RESET our habits 1 step and 1 day at a time.

The habits:
- accountability
- prayer/meditation
- belly breathing
- water
- movement
- nutrition
- sleep/rest

What's included:
- Daily emails delivered to your inbox
- printable daily health tracker
- daily scripture - based in fruits of the spirit
- 6 work-ins
- 6 workouts
- closed Facebook group

Invite your friends, create accountability, experience the journey...1 step and 1 day at a time.